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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

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Quick Overview:

Ceramic fiber insulation blanket for high temperature applications

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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

Great for pizza ovens, kilns, boilers, furnaces, and other refractory insulation.


This is a classic ceramic fiber insulation blanket, low thermal conductivity, excellent insulating performance, fire prevention, sound absorption, thermal stability, shock, and tearing resistant.

Will recover its properties after drying if exposed to water or oil.

High purity: 98% combined alumina and silica content. 

8lb density

Temperature rated to 1260 C

Each roll contains 25 linear feet, 2 feet wide, 1" thick. This means 50 square feet at 1" thickness.

If you are building a wood fired pizza oven a 3" layer is normally all you need. This usually means 1 box for an oven with a 32" inside diameter, 2 boxes for a 40" diameter, and 3 boxes for a 48" diameter.

Ceramic fiber blanket should not be compressed or it will not insulate. It should be applied only on the dome of the oven, not under it.

The blanket is easy to apply, can be cut with a regular utility knife, however please wear body and face protection as this stuff is itchy.

Please contact us if you need a quantity of 1 pallet or more.