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Brick pizza oven Canada

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47" Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven "Giganto"

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Quick Overview:

A 47" brick pizza oven with mosaic tiles & heavy duty steel stand.



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Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven for Pizzeria, Bakery, or Garden!

 Handmade in Naples, Italy, fully finished and mounted on a steel stand!


If there was a worldwide tournament for the best Neapolitan brick pizza oven we think "Giganto" would win. Made in the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza - Napoli - by a small father and son factory, everything about this oven is just what it should be: dome height, construction, insulation, etc. Functionally the oven has ZERO defects: it will not crack, will stay hot overnight, will cook pizza pies in 90 sec, and will last for decades. We have sold this oven for both residential and commercial use with raving reviews each time. We are quite sure that even experienced pizza chefs will be blown away by this oven. Due to its size it can't always fit everywhere and even if it does you will certainly need a forklift to place all 3500 lb of it where you want it. To sum up: we hold Giganto to be a perfect oven but we know delivery is not always possible. If this is the case please take a look at our modular pizza oven kits which are easy to carry but require assembly.


"Giganto's" beautiful brick dome is insulated with ceramic fiber and volcanic materials, covered with chicken wire, and finally mosaic tile. Building 1 oven can take up to 2 weeks! Dome walls are approx. 9" thick. The oven is securely mounted on a heavy duty steel base. The "landing" in front of the door is 12" deep in the middle. The door opening is 18.5" wide at the bottom and 12" high in the middle.

Quality and cooking are out of this world, this is the best brick oven we have seen.

Chimney connection is 25 cm (9.84") in diameter

The oven is well insulated - can be 1000F on the inside and the outside will be just warm to the touch.

The exterior of the oven is 65" wide, 75" deep, 75" high. Cooking floor is at 43" high from the ground. Inside cooking area is 47" in diameter and approx. 20" high in the center. The weight is approx. 3500 lb.

Currently the oven is not UL or NSF listed however it often doesn't have to be - please contact us to discuss.

Due to heavy weight and large size we can ship this only to a location with a forklift capable of handling 3500 lb