Spazio 90 Pizza Oven Kit By Alfa Forni, Italy

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Spazio 90 Pizza Oven Kit By Alfa Forni, Italy

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Quick Overview:

An Italian pizza oven kit which is larger than it looks!

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  "Spazio 90" Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit by Alfa Forni

An easy to assemble wood fired pizza oven at a budget price!



Real-world advice: we fell in love with Spazio even before we saw it. We love all about it. Easy to assemble, relatively lightweight, wide door, breathtaking arch. It has an additional huge benefit: size. Spazio is larger than it looks! Most pizza oven kits are round at the bottom so if you have a 32" kit it means it has a cooking area with a 32" diameter. Spazio is square at the bottom! It's 31.5"x31.5" square, this makes it much larger than a 32" circle! In fact the cooking area is even larger than a 36" kit! Of course Alfa is well known for quality and innovation in the oven world. Our verdict: best value for the money, definitely buy it. Comes with floor and dome insulation.


  • The Design. Spazio is designed in the best traditions of Neapolitan oven building - low spherical dome for perfect heat radiation and distribution. Cooking floor and dome are about 2" thick.
  • The Ease. The oven is easy on the budget, easy to assemble, easy to fit, and easy to use. The dome consists of only 2 pieces which minimizes the mortaring stage - you will need to mortar just 1 joint! The entire oven can be assembled and insulated in less than an hour. The oven easily fits into many spaces ("spazio" of course means "space" in Italian) due to the fact that the inside cooking area is rectangular. It is made from the same high quality refractory material as Alfa's more expesnive ovens. The oven comes with the stand-alone door and a thermometer.
  • Insulation. Rigid mineral board for floor insulation and 1 ceramic blanket for dome insulation are included.
  • The Use. This oven is meant primarily for personal use - both indoor and outdoor. Everything you would want from a wood fired oven: pizzas, slow roasts, llasagnas, focaccias, bread, buns, etc.
  • The Arch. Like other Alfa oven this oven comes with the beautiful ornamental arch. The arch weights an impressive 80 lb, comes in one piece, and is 40" wide x 20" high x 7" deep. Chimney opening on the oven is 14.5" wide by 6" deep. All dimensions are very close but approximate because Alfa ovens are completely hand made.
  • The Dimensions.
    Inside area31.5"x31.5"
    External Width35.5"
    External Depth40"
    N° pizzas at a time4
    Bread baking17 lb
    Pizzas in 15 minutes16
    Average wood consumption11 lb/h
    Mouth Width19"
    Mouth Height10"
    Weight480 lb