Portuguese Brick Oven 4.0 in Fiberglass Shell

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Portuguese Brick Oven 4.0 in Fiberglass Shell

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Quick Overview:

Weatherproof fiberglass shell on the best Portuguese brick oven ever!

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Please note: the oven does NOT come with the stand, nor do we sell this stand separately.

This oven is exactly the same as the 3.0 model which you can find here. Please refer to this link for all info incl. dimensions, videos, and general description.

The big - and only - difference on the 4.0 model is that this model is covered in a fiberglass shell. The shell serves to give the oven a great appearance and at the same time protect it against the elements. The shell is solid and does a great job of protecting the oven from rain and snow. This does not mean that the oven can be uncovered, because rain and snow can still get in through the chimney (even if you have a raincap), so we still recommend a removable PVC cover on the oven. However, the shell keeps the oven dry and protects it from cracking increasing the lifespan of the oven. Other than the shell there are no differences between this model and the 3.0

If you are planning to have your oven under a roof or even enclosed in stucco, bricks, or a stone structure then we recommend to go with the 3.0 oven, there is no reason to pay for the fiberglass shell. But if your oven will stay exposed, especially in cold climate like the Northeast or Midwest, consider the shell to be an investment into the lifespan of the oven.

The shells are available only in the pictured color: graphite black.

When the oven arrives to you you will need first to remove the shell, then lift the oven onto your base using the lifting eyes on the corners, and then attach the shell back once your oven is on the base. This is because the shells covers the lifting eyes.

These shells are made by hand and the production is slow, they will likely often be on backorder. Please check the top of this page: if there is no notice about timing it means we are shipping as usual, otherwise the notice will say when they should be back in stock.

Please note: we do not sell the shells separately. Each oven is custom-fit for them.