Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven 3.0

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Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven 3.0

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Quick Overview:

The Portuguese brick oven of the newest generation!

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The New Generation of the Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven!

This is a new and improved Portuguese brick oven! Crusty pizzas, slow cooked meat, bread, lasagnas, and everything in between! We have used years of our experience and customer feedback to bring the Portuguese oven to the latest design.


Here is the scoop:

The dome is now made from firebricks.

The floor is also made from firebricks as opposed to the old clay tiles.

The door is 20" wide! You can make a much larger pie than in other ovens. Door height in the middle is 12"

RIGID insulation under the floor: floor tiles will NOT move

Thanks to lots of ceramic fiber insulation the oven gets amazingly hot on the inside while staying amazingly cool on the outside: 900F inside while only 90F on the outside! (the picture shows it at 446C).

The arch is made from full bricks allowing for an expanded landing area.

The door is steel and removable, not hinged.

The oven is 43x43 on the outside, 31.5" diameter on the inside

The weight is approx. 1200 lb

Sprayed with grey or terracotta cork finish - please select your colors (if the color is not showing then we are out of stock).

Please note about the chimney:

The oven comes pre-drilled with holes for the standard Selkirk anchor plate (part # 206400). You can then attach a Selkirk chimney of whichever length you prefer (part #s 206024, 206036, 206048). Simply attach the anchor plate to the support area on top of the oven and twist-lock your chimney to it, it's that simple. If you are purchasing the chimney package from us you will need to make new holes in our anchor plate, because we are not using Selkirk products, we are using EcoVent products which are cheaper but work quality well in our opinion. Selkirk products are more available online and in stores hence the oven is drilled to fit them.

We hope you will enjoy the new generation of the Portuguese brick oven!