Warranty & Support

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We are always here to help! You can count on us to provide care & maintenance information for your oven, timely updates about order status & delivery, and of course technical assistance with assembly and use, both before and after the sale. We take pride in having become friends with many of our customers!


 We offer a 1 year limited warranty on parts for all ovens we sell. Here are the highlights:

It's natural for brick & clay ovens to develop cracks and this is not covered under the warranty. Cracks are normal in all traditional ovens and do not signify a defect with the oven.

All removable parts such as doors, floor tiles, chimney caps, small tools are covered under warranty against breaking and unnatural damage from regular wear and tear.

Where warranty applies it also means we ship the parts to you for free.

We reserve the right to request clear pictures of damage.

We do not require shipping the damaged parts back to us, unless at our expense.

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty claim where damage clearly arises from accident (oven was dropped etc), improper use (liquids were burnt in the oven or it was left uncovered under open sky etc), or anything else other than normal use